D-9 Demand Feeder


D-9 Friction Feeder

Looking for a demand feeder for smaller application...
The D-9 from Straight Shooter is a cost effective 9" demand feeder for your start/stop applications.
Our unique acceleration table design makes the D-9 the ideal small machine for demand applications like collators, adding stations to inserters and much more!
Width: 2.5" minimum up to 9" maximum
Length: 2" minimum up to 11" maximum
Thickness: Single sheet up to 1/4" thick

D-12 Demand feeder

 D-12 Demand

Ideal for
* Collators
* Shrink wrap equipment
* Plow folders
* Ink jet equipment
* Tabbing machines
* Bindery equipment single pieces.
Plus! Our complete paper guides and repositionable belt are carried through in the D-12’s acceleration table, giving you unmatched versatility and control.

Pivoting Acceleration Table

The D-12’s unique adjustable angle acceleration table allows you to deliver documents to your production machinery at the optimum angle, no matter what the application! This enhances productivity while
minimizing waste.
Set the table flat for ink jetting or tabbing and downward for collators and bindery equipment
12" wide capacity
Up to 3/8" thick!
Repositionable belts and separators
5 minute belt changes!
Also available in 20" model!






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